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Popham Woods

Popham Woods have been associated with BARPC for many years as the grounds the club hold their Club League, open and a round of the CSFTA HFT winter league at. Situated just off the A303 near the airfield, they are one of the best wooded shooting grounds in the South and provide an environment for creative HFT and FT/SFT courses to be set, whether in the depths of winter or the “hot” days of Summer although most club regulars generally accepted that late spring when the woods are covered in a carpet of bluebells is the most stunning time. Historically Popham hosted shooters from near and far coming along to take part in events such as “The Easter Bunny Bash” and “Summer Sizzler”. Long time shooters in the region will remember shoots such as the EBB (formally the “Nockover Classic”) being held at Popham in the early 1990’s.

The club currently uses the Woods through out all the year with a twice monthly Sunday morning “meet” for either practice shoots or for members to participate in the Annual club leagues. These shoots take place between 08:00 and 12:00, with the details being communicated to members via the Clubs Private forum.

Popham is also open on our twice monthly Sunday morning sessions to non-club members. Visitor’s will be welcome to join us on practice days providing they :

Visits will be limited to a maximum of 4 per annum excluding open shoots such as the Sizzler or CSFTA winter league events. Guest Charges per session(Green fees) are £5.00 each. All Guests as well as ALL club members must sign in.

The main gate will be locked with a combination lock, the code for which will be made available to visitors from any regular BARPC member. Generally Sunday shooting starts around 9:00 am, however every one is encouraged to always check start time.

As these sessions are run embracing the “All in club membership” ethos where everyone is encouraged and expected to “muck in and help”, all shooters are encouraged to consider attending either slightly earlier to help unwind the strings or be around at closure to help rewind the strings back in and help close the range down for the day. Popham shoots are a very friendly and welcoming morning’s shooting with all members willing to help each other out, either with advice, comments or gentle banter / encouragement. BARPC members of any/all skill levels are encouraged to come shoot at Popham as the environment and broad range of target distances and complexity offer members a huge choice and can be used to have fun or continue to push and develop personal skills. Members do not have to “compete” in the leagues and are always welcome at Popham if they wish to plink , practice or test new techniques, however we do ask that they step back or move along if League shooters are coming through, to help keep things flowing. Shooters can always return to any / all targets if space and time allow. For those members needing to check or setup rifles, there is also a extensive set of Plinking targets also available.

A typical Popham Target

The Famous Popham Bluebells

HFT Shooter

FT Shooter

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