Club Ranges

East Oakley Village Hall aka EOVH

BARPC has access to a 10m indoor target shooting range with 6 lanes for both pistol and rifles (The Disciplines shot at this range require all rifles and pistols to be under 6ft/lb). EOVH is open to all fully paid up members for fee of just £1.00 per visit and members are welcome to attend on Tuesday evenings between 7pm and 9pm.

The EOVH shooters also usually take part in a number of different NSRA and ELEY postal competitions throughout the year. Which includes both club and individual events, with different leagues to suit the individual shooters ability.

The atmosphere at this range is generally a little reserved and quiet, as the concentration to shoot 10m demands a high level of concentration.

The location of East Oakley Village Hall (The Green Hut) is: 74 Hill Road Oakley Hampshire RG23 7JJ

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