Club Ranges

We currently have three ranges to shoot at, The Walled Garden, East Oakley Village Hall and Popham Woods Each has a unique element to offer.

The Walled Garden

The Walled Garden is our longest established grounds and can be found off Pack Lane, Kempshott. It is part of a traditional country house walled garden and offers a 30 yard and 55 yard range with the 30 yard covered with a roof. This is our general grounds and all of the disciplines can be shot here, from plinking to FT and HFT. The grounds are open on club days which are Sunday mornings from 09.00 to mid-day and during May to End August on Tuesday evenings between 07.00pm and 09.00pm. In addition there is a Wednesday afternoon session which runs from 1pm to approx 4pm Members who have a key can use the grounds at anytime during daylight hours and although key issue is limited due to the number of keys the council provide, access can often be arranged at other times for non-key-holding members. There are no extra charges to use the Walled Garden as this is included for all members.

Josie - Two Guns - Milewski at one of the walled Garden comps

Former club secretary Dave Godwin posing on the short range

View of the long range at Walled Garden

Running boar target at pistol shoot

East Oakley Village Hall

We have a 10m indoor target shooting range with 6 lanes for both pistol and rifles (under 6ft/lb). This is open to all members for fee of just £1.00 per visit and you are welcome to join us on Tuesday evenings between 7pm and 9pm.

We also usually take part in a number of different NSRA and ELEY postal competitions throughout the year. Which includes both club and individual events, with different leagues to suit the individual shooters ability.

The atmosphere at this range is generally a little more reserved and quiet, as the concentration to shoot 10m demands a higher level of concentration. That said, you will find our “indoor section” a friendly and welcoming bunch.

The location of East Oakley Village Hall (The Green Hut) is: 74 Hill Road Oakley Hampshire RG23 7JJ

Popham Woods

Popham Woods have been associated with BARPC for many years as the grounds we hold our open and winter HFT league competitions at. Situated just off the A303 near the airfield, they are one of the best wooded shooting grounds in the South and provide an environment for creative HFT and FT courses to be set, whether in the depths of winter or the “hot” days of Summer although its generally accepted that late spring when the woods are covered in a carpet of bluebells is the most stunning time. It is here you will find shooters from near and far coming along to take part in “The Easter Bunny Bash” and “Summer Sizzler” events. The EBB (formally the “Nockover Classic”) has been held here since the early 1990’s. We now use the Woods on a more regular basis with a twice monthly Sunday morning “meet” for practice and club leagues. This take place between 09.00 and 12.30 as advertised via email and the members forum although we do advise confirming a date before attending as dates can be subject to change due to weather etc.

It has been agreed to open up the twice monthly Popham Sunday morning sessions to non-club members for an unspecified period. Guest’s will be welcome to join us on practice days providing they are

a) a member of a CSFTA region club or,

b) a member of any insured and recognised UK air gun club or

c) an experienced shooter known to a BARPC club member and introduced and accompanied by the club member.

Visits will be limited to a maximum of 4 per annum excluding open shoots such as the Sizzler or CSFTA winter league events. Guest Charges per session(Green fees) are £3.50 each. All Guests as well as ALL club members must sign in. The main gate will be locked with a combination lock, the code for which will be made available to visitors from any regular BARPC member. Generally Sunday shooting starts around 9:00 am, however every one is encouraged to always check start time. In addition as these sessions are to be run strictly on the “club membership” ethos where everyone is encouraged and expected to “muck in and help”, all shooters are encouraged to come earlier to help unwind the strings. There may be the occasional special exception but the aim is to keep it as it is currently; as a very friendly and welcoming morning’s shooting with all helping out. Shooters do not have to “compete” but will be expected to move along from one target to the next to keep things flowing. You can always return to a target if space and time allow. Plinking targets may also be available.

A typical Popham Target

Popham Bluebells

Aspen Tree Tops

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