Club Ranges

We currently have three ranges to shoot at, The Walled Garden, East Oakley Village Hall (often referred to by members as EOVH) and Popham Woods.

As of 20th March 2022, all pandemic safety procedures have been removed including the need to pre-book Popham and East Oakley Village Hall ranges, As of 1st July 2022 Walled Garden also suspended all pre booking pandemic protocols.

Club provided Sanitiser will still be available at all ranges and members will make their own decisions on whether they wish to continue with personal measures such as face masks. We would also recommend refraining from loaning your guns to other members unless you are both happy with this. Other measures are up to individuals however what we do ask, is that you respect other peoples space. Many people and indeed members still wish to maintain a “space” so please don’t crowd people or be offended if you are asked to maintain distances.

Each range has a unique element to offer.

The Walled Garden is our oldest and longest serving range, and is often the first range our new members will experience as it is where our Club Inductions are done. Popham Woods is an outdoor old English woods, which is home to our outdoor Target shooters, involved in shooting many of the out door disciplines available such as Hunter Field Target (HFT), Field Target (FT), Sporter Field Target (SFT) or even to members wishing to simply plink in the lovely open woods. Our Indoor pistol and rifle shooters call East Oakley Village Hall (EOVH) their home.

Easy access to all of these 3 ranges allows all BARPC members to access and explore many different Air Rifle and Pistol interests with all three being available to all fully paid up club members within the one annual subscription.

The club encourages all members to explore the offerings of each range and to expand their shooting skill set.  Details of all the different disciplines are available on each of the ranges details pages, accessed from the menu to the left.

Directions to all 3 ranges are available on the clubs Find Us web page

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