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26th Dec 2020

As Hampshire moved into T4, we have closed Popham Woods again. In addition as T4 rules change the size of groups who can meet, the rule of 6 for Tier 4 became essentially a rule of 2. As such a member can request (via the forum) a Range officer opens the WG for them to shoot, this will ensure the group is limited to 2 (1 * Member and 1 * Range Officer)

13th Dec 2020 : The Club Turkey shoot

The annual turkey shoot took place, held at Popham woods unlike normally at the walled garden. Holding the shoot at popham allowed us to ensure well over 2m social distancing and maximum safety for the members shooting. Numbers where low due to COVID and the weather being very unkind and giving us a rainy and blustery day.  The hit up / knock down pink targets we had used for the summer had all been removed and a complete new 20 lane (40 targets) course put out which was spread across the old FT and HFT courses.  These are the traditional Nockover targets with cord resets.  However all cords had been fitted with a brass ring and each pair of shooters was issued a club "line reset Handle" aka a tent peg puller.  One member of the  pair scored for both shooters and the other member carryied the reset tool and reset all targets.  These simple changes ensure no one touched the strings and scores cards where not passed back and forth.  The course rebuild was focused on the turkey shoot so followed a FT course build with targets going out to 55yards.  The plan is to add a third target in the lanes which do not comply with HFT course build guidelines so that both FT and HFT shooters get a course built to their rules.  Having shot the Turkey shoot today it was so good to get the satisfaction of a Nockover target "going down" again

Team 1 heading off down course

Simon checking his next shot

Phil ranging, good to know he was spot on and it went down

Perfect form from the Ice Man aka Dave

Phil and Mark with Patrick in the background

Graeme starting Team 2's run

John meditating before his shot

Bob showing his perfect kneeling technique

Graeme searching for the high one !

Bob Praying for a hit

30th November 2020

The Committee are please to announce that from the 2nd December the Walled Garden and Popham ranges will re-open.

31st October 2020

The roller coaster that is 2020 continues and tonight the committee have made the very unfortunate decision to yet again close ALL ranges for this new lock down period. Tomorrows 1st November Popham (session 1 only) and Walled Garden Shoots will still go ahead as will the EOVH shoot on Tuesday 3rd and the WG Wednesday 4th Nov sessions.

Week of 21st September 2020

The club rebuilt the Walled Garden Wall. We created a picture page showing the various steps which can be found here

8th September 2020

The Club is really please to announce re-opening of our last facility at East Oakly Village Hall. As with the Walled Garden and Popham, the members only forum reservation system is being used to ensure that only 6 members shoot in each session (complying with Government regulations), we are able to offer shooting at EOVH split into two sessions. In order to comply with the 2m social distancing requirement, we have had to reduce the firing line to only 3 targets, therefore members may have to wait and swop places in a session.

As well as all our normal club range safety rules, all shooters must have a reservation, comply with minimum 2m social distancing and use their own or the provided Hand Sanitiser before and after shooting a session.

Bob Wards Popham Sunday morning sessions during COVID

Regular Popham attendees will know that pre lockdown, it’s fair to say I wasn’t a “regular”, splitting time between Popham, Walled Garden, elderly family and particularly in the summer, my voluntary work as a D of E leader on a Sunday morning. That said, Popham has always been a range I’ve enjoyed shooting at so when we were allowed back to shoot after the long Covid break, I decided that with less other commitments, to start attending on a more regular basis, taking a pre-booked slot in session 2 on the 12th July. As range officer for the second detail I was able to let myself and fellow 2nd session shooters in (Simon, Colin, Phil S and John P) although Phil met us anyway, locking the gate after we’d all arrived within a few minutes of each other.

Parking was done in the tree covered area and once kit was sorted we made our way to the hut and sanitised hands as per requirements whilst Phil signed us in, again as laid down in the clubs Covid Risk Assessment. Phil then explained the rules and course layout (as some of us hadn’t attended the previous two Sundays) so we went off to find the first available peg and lane to shoot from and target to locate. Each shooter has their own lane and moves on in an anticlockwise direction when the adjacent lane becomes free. You can take a number of shots from each lane or just the one if you are keeping score although there is no formal competition format at the moment. You can also skip a lane if one particular target looks a bit too much or as in my case, I couldn’t see the target! The Popham course build team have combined both the FT and HFT courses into one and placed knock up/knock down targets at various distances instead of the normal corded targets so as to eliminate touching reset strings. Targets are a mixture of conventional field target shapes and PC shapes with various “kill” sizes” to vary the challenge. There are some deviously placed targets as well as easy ones. How come I missed the “easy” ones then! Although painted in normal target colours, a few of us not involved with the course setting found it very hard to locate targets although once found, a good number were dropping, if not on the first shot certainly after 2 or 3 attempts! There are 40 targets to shoot at distances from about 10 yards out to maybe 55 yards. At least that’s what my FT scope was telling me and a good number of longer targets were indeed falling or clicking over. I did take a rain check on a couple which I just couldn’t locate but no worries, I was happy with those I did find. The format was very relaxed with no one standing over you and even taking several shots at each target we still got around pretty speedily meeting up at the hut again at the end.

Discussing the course we agreed it was exceptional good and the up/down format worked well once targets found. Sanitising and locking up (at least strings don’t need pulling in at the moment) we made our way back to the cars and left site with me locking up. All in all a very relaxed shoot in some of the best shooting woods for miles around and you could almost be on your own there.

The second visit on the 26th was brought forwards to just 15 mins after the first detail set off. As it happened, by the time we started, some of the faster shooters in detail 1 were nearly finished. We found out later that they had started much earlier than the stated 9.00am start. Again after sanitising and a quick chat about how we’d play it we started off. Our comments about finding the targets had been taken onboard and we’d already decided and implemented a few improvements. Notwithstanding a change of target colour to a very bright shocking pink originally suggested in jest by Phil, he only went and painted all targets this colour and they are absolutely brilliant, in more ways than one;-)

Another addition was the placing of alternate coloured flags at each lane with the 1st lane marker being a blue flag by the gate and a corresponding blue flag at the target. Next lane a yellow flag then back to blue and so on. No excuses for not finding a target anymore!

Finding it a challenge to adopt both FT sitting position and getting up of the ground, I opted to take every shot with the exception of a couple of standers from a kneeling position.

I wasn’t keeping an accurate score but I’m pretty sure I was averaging a 65-70% first shot hit rate with my EV2 and BSA 10-50X FT scope and the occasional post support where it allowed.

I don’t think I’d win any prizes for elegant shooting and I’ve no doubt my kneeling position was suspect or illegal in proper competition but I was pleased with myself considering I haven’t shot an FT rig in some 10 years! Likewise, adjusting the scope FT style whilst combining shooting HFT style isn’t in the rules but who cares, it was good fun and the weather was great. With help from Graeme and Sue, locking up was quick and easy and heading off home around 11.00 gave time for other jobs to be done, namely a visit to a farm shop and lunch. The Popham mornings are pretty popular and do fill up soon but using the new format of a staggered start, a third detail is possibly on the cards starting around 9.30 with space for 5-6 members. I have a third Sunday session booked for this Sunday so a different day, a different rifle. Maybe a springer challenge is in order. If you’ve not taken advantage of a session at Popham, now really is a good time to give it a bash and experience a different shooting element to the garden. There’s also some very good socially distanced members company to be had. I call it “barracking from a distance” rather than “bracketing a distance!”


28th June 2020 : "First" Popham Shoot

Further to the 17th June announcement of the Walled Garden re-opening, the committee has also been working towards getting Popham open again for current members to shoot at. As with the Walled Garden, the members only forum reservation system is being used to ensure that only 6 members shoot in each session (complying with Government regulations). As such currently shooting at Popham is split into two sessions. Both the FT and HFT courses have been used to build a single one way circular course with at least 2m between each shooting position. The course has a total of 20, knock down / knock up targets (so no string touching / pulling required).

As well as normal club range safety rules, all shooters must have a reservation, comply with minimum 2m social distancing and use their own or the provided Hand Sanitiser before and after shooting a session. Todays "back at Popham session" was shot in broken cloud, intermittent blustery wind, but no rain and temps in the mid teen centigrade. Some pictures speak volumes and show smiles all round

17th June 2020 : BARPC Club Ranges Reopening in Covid-19 Environment

Today the Committee are please to be able to announce that the BARPC Club Ranges will re open for current members to shoot from Sunday 21st June. After 13 weeks of lockdown we hope to offer shooting at the Walled Garden on Tuesday evenings, Wednesday afternoons and Sunday mornings as well as Popham Field shooting on a designated Sunday each month. East Oakley Village Hall is not reopening yet. It is important to remember that due to Government guidelines and health restrictions we can only open in a strict Covid controlled environment, this limits us to a maximum of 6 persons at the range at one time. An email has been sent to all members providing them all the outline of our new Covid opening arrangements and how to book a shooting slot. Only by booking a slot will you be able to attend one of the ranges.

The committee have worked hard to convert the range to a Covid controlled environment in order that the club can commence shooting again and members will see some changes to make the club safer for you to attend. Opening is dependent on a range officer being available and sufficient interest to warrant opening, i.e. we will not guarantee opening for just a couple of people.


Safety and Health points
The full Risk Assessment and Method Statement for the ranges are available to download and we ask you to read this essential information. All normal safety rules for our ranges remain in place but additional key points for rules for Covid are:

If you have any questions or concerns please do get in touch with the Safety Officer or any committee member or range officer.

How do I book a slot / make a reservation for the range
To book a range time slot follow the instructions in the "How to" document, this document will also be found in the help section of the forum. You can only book a slot via the forum booking page. If you have not yet signed in to the forum please do so. To make it fair for everyone, you may be limited to the number of slots you can book however if those slots are not taken then you can then apply for another slot. If you book, please ensure you turn up promptly as gates will be locked promptly. When the range officer calls time, you must pack up immediately and be ready at the front gates on the hour for S the change over. Shooting time will depend on how soon you are ready to start and leave but please allow 10mins to get ready and 10mins to pack up so reckon on 40mins shooting. N.B you will not be able to leave the range other than as a group with the range officer at the turn of the hour.

We hope that you understand that we can only re open under these covid controlled conditions and we ask that you fully comply with all health guidelines and the systems that we have put in place. We realise all of this is inconvenient but trust that you understand why we are doing this. We look forward to seeing some members at the ranges during late June and beyond.

13th May 2020 : BARPC Return to Club in respect of Covid-19

A number of members have recently contacted the committee with regards to resuming club activities and whilst we totally understand everyone’s frustration at not being able to visit and shoot, we must still following government and in particular, official governing bodies guidance and instructions. As such, it is the committees understanding that the NSRA have not cleared the way for clubs to resume shooting at club level, only for shooting in the confines of pest control and meat/food production. Until clear and unequivocal written instructions are obtained from NSRA and underwritten by the clubs insurers, Bluefin there will sadly be no club opening. Opening without instructions could render club officials liable to legal action if it were proved we, the committee had been negligent in controlling coronavirus within the club premises. (Ref HSE guidance) When we do return there will have to be changes implemented to how we operate, at least for the foreseeable future. For example; range time may need to be booked in advance and a queuing system put in place to observe social safe distancing as well as compulsory wearing of PPE. The committee are working on drawing up measures to implement and allow a return once we are given clearance by our governing body(s). Until that time, please may we ask you to be patient and that you bear with us. We will advise and update all members when we know more ourselves.

13th March 2020 : Announcement Re Club Closure due to Coronavirus awareness

The committee have taken the difficult decision to suspend all club activities at all of our ranges until further notice. This decision has been made based on government advice and takes effect immediately. We will continue to monitor the situation and will endeavor to return to normal operations at the earliest opportunity.

19th January 2020 : 25yd Outdoor Benchrest have a go

The club members shot a 25yd outdoor Benchrest session, the weather was superb with cold, icy, sunny conditions and without a whiff of a breeze. Fun was had chasing that 2mm dia "X" in the centre, with a good few being found by all.

The target we used is a 8 "bullseye" target meaning max score possible was 80+8X

Scores on the doors at the end of the event where

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