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2019 Christmas Turkey Shoot

Aug/Sept 2019 : End of Summer Tuesday Nights

The Tuesday Night session at walled garden are now finished as the nights get darker. These will restart again in Spring 2020

4th Aug : George Wedge Commemorative shoot

The club ran The George Wedge Commemorative shoot on Sunday morning at the walled garden. Three Shooters topped the score table after a few hours shooting, requiring a shoot off to decide the top 3 places. The main cup and first place was eventually taken by Dan Bell with Andy Haines taking home the 2nd place trophy and William Bridges snagging the third place. The Masters trophy was picked up by Gary Robinson (who placed his name on the main trophy in 2015)

And as always a few pics

6th July : New Members Induction Course

Saturday afternoon saw the second 2019 induction course being ran at the walled garden for potential new members. A number of the range offices as well as committee members greeted and helped guide over 20 interested folk into our sport of air rifle and pistol shooting. As always Richard, our membership secretary, and Simon, our safety officer, presented all the info on law, safety and club membership. Most of the guests signed up as new members, so please look out for folk you may not recognize and say hi and chat to them, making them feel welcome.

18th June : Waterloo Commemorative Shoot

To celebrate the mastery of British musketry first demonstrated over 200years ago at Waterloo, the club ran a fun shoot. Replacing the original muzzle loading muskets with open sight springers teams of multiple shooters shot against various targets in "volley fire". The targets varied in size, range and points scored. A full write up can be found here

15th June : Old Basing carnival “Have a go” day

For probably the last 8 or 9 years, the club has been supporting Old Basing Carnival by running a have a go event in the recreation grounds in the village, giving visitors the chance to have a go, test their marksmanship abilities or have a first try at air rifle target shooting.

This year we were again asked back and four of us, Bryn, Tony Hall, Andy Haines and myself started setting up alongside Old Basing Archery club on Friday afternoon, between us taking a fair chunk of the “Rec” for the country sports corner of the field.

For safety reasons, it’s necessary to cordon off the complete corner and build a suitable and efficient back stop although its very rare for a pellet to stray from the actual targets as participants are keen to make every shot count!

Once fenced off and territory marked, we called it a night ready to return the following morning to finish off setting up and getting ready for the carnivals visitors. Now in its 49th year, we have become part of the furniture with many people visiting us each year, indeed some have become members.

This year’s range set up followed the format that BASC use on the country fair events with target holders and paper targets at approx. 20 yards instead of the normal Nockover targets we use. This gives the people something to take away to record their efforts albeit that it does seem to slow numbers down through the detail.

Weather was unfortunately on the damp side with blustery winds which may also have reduced numbers attending however sustained by John Paddock's kettle and an excellent selection of cakes from Chris Hall we battled on and saw 53 separate shooters through the range from ages 9 upwards including a group of young people from a local ATC.

Using predominately club’s spring powered HW99s rifles, the scores being shot were surprisingly good with several ragged one hole groups.

Most importantly, the atmosphere was very positive and friendly which is typical of this local event and we will be able to bolster the funds for this years George Wedge charity shoot as a result.

My thanks and thanks on behalf of Old Basing Carnival Committee who really do appreciate our efforts to Bryn, Tony H, Andy H, Simon, Ray, Frazer, John P, Ian, Richard M and especially Emily for running the front desk and booking people in.


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