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Latest 40th Anniversary Competition Photographs

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Turkey Shoot

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There are 2 upcoming events to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the club

Hog Roast

Medley shoot




BARPC  Popham Shoots on Sunday mornings.
It has been agreed to open up the monthly Popham Sunday morning session to non-club members for an unspecified trial period. Guest’s will be welcome to join us on practice days providing they are 
a) a member of a CSFTA region club or, 
b) a member of any insured and recognised UK airgun club or 
c) an experienced shooter known to a BARPC club member and introduced and accompanied by the club member.
Visits will be limited to a maximum of 4 per annum excluding open shoots such as the Sizzler or CSFTA winter league events.
Charges per session (Green fees) are as follows: BARPC Club members at £2.50. Guests at £3.50 each.
All Guests as well as members must sign in. The main gate will be open between 08.45 & 09.00 and members and guests will be expected to assist in the course building.  At 09.15, the gate will be locked until shooting has finished and the course cleared up, this will usually be by midday.
These sessions are to be run strictly on the “club membership” ethos where everyone is encouraged and expected to “muck in and help”. There may be the occasional special exception but the aim is to keep it as it is currently; as a very friendly and welcoming morning’s shooting with all helping out.
Shooters do not have to “compete” but will be expected to move along from one target to the next to keep things flowing. You can always return to a target if space and time allow. Plinking targets may also be available.


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