Membership and Fees

Applications for New Membership

BARPC is a very popular club and continues to attract a high number of members. If you are interested in joining the club please register your interest by completing the club application form (found on this website at the bottom of this page) and forward it to the club membership secretary and your details will be added to our waiting list. We will then contact you when we have vacancies and invite you to the Club Induction briefing. Please note that there is no requirement for you to purchase or own an Air Rifle or Pistol before you attend the Club Induction.

New Members Policy

At BARPC we have a reputation for our warm welcome to prospective and new members and as such we feel it is important to spend some quality time with our visitors, especially during their first visit. As a result of an increasing interest in the club the following process in place for potential new members.

Induction Briefing Half Day

All prospective new members will need to register for and be invited to attend the half day Induction Briefing Session. This session will take place quarterly, on a Saturday and will generally be held at our Walled Garden Range from 13.30 to 16.30. The costs for this session are £5.00 per person to cover costs (payable on the day).

This briefing day will cover the following:-

• Theory Session.
• Range safety and safe handling of air guns
• Air gun law and how it applies to you
• Obligations and expected conduct of membership
• Details of our other BARPC ranges available and specific rules regarding these satellite ranges.
• Brief guide to types of air gun available and what to look for when purchasing
• Brief guide on air gun care
• Explanation of how to set up sights and zero gun
• Confirmation of membership forms and relevant information.
• Question and answer session
• Collection of membership fees (as required)

The theory session will be followed by “range time” where you will have the opportunity to try out various guns (most of which will be member’s personal guns) under the close supervision of club range officers together with initial training if you are not already a competent shooter. For those who can demonstrate acceptable competency, you can use the session for practice and to zero your own gun(s) which you are welcome to bring with you*. Novice shooters will be guided and given instruction until the end of the session. Towards the end of the session, there will be a short discussion and if time permits a demonstration of the various types of competition shooting we hold in the club. At the end of the afternoon, you will be able to decide whether you wish to join the club. There is no pressure to do so. It will be possible for you to attend for one normal range event after the Induction day to see if you will want to join. You can arrange this after you have attended the Induction briefing. Once you join the club you should have your own gun as we cannot guarantee our limited and basic club guns will be available , although club members will be happy to guide you on what and where to purchase. To attend the induction session, you will need to pre-register your intent by emailing your name, telephone and address ( on the club application form) to one of the following, Membership , Chairman, or Secretary, giving at least 1 weeks notice so that we can ensure we have enough instructors available on the day. Alternatively, please call Bryn on 07748 706707 or Richard on 07812 783676. Those attending must legally be able to use an air gun and all juniors (under 18 year olds) MUST be accompanied by an adult over the age of 21. If you are bring your own gun, it must be cased or concealed in a suitable covering or box between your vehicle and the range. We also require proof of age (passport or photo driving license etc.) if you are or appear to be under the age of 21 and not accompanied by an adult over 21. Please remember that we are a members club and not a shooting school although members are generally very happy to pass on their knowledge and offer help. The committee reserve absolute right to decline admittance or acceptance as deemed necessary.

*Please note that any legal limit, (not firearms certificate - FAC) air gun is acceptable for use, in addition please note the club does not allow steel or copper BB shot, darts, Prometheus type pellets, or other ammunition which can rebound. In practice, this means lead only

Basingstoke Air Rifle and Pistol Club Fee's

The following are correct at time of publishing.

Please note Children must be 9 years or over to join the club.
ADULT (18 Plus) - £60.00 Each
HUSBAND and WIFE - £50.00 Each
FATHER or MOTHER and JUNIOR - £65.00/ Pair
RETIRED PERSONS (65+) - £32.50 Each

If interested in joining, please download the Membership Application Form, Please Fill in the form and bring it with you when you visit the club and Email it to Membership Secretary

Existing key holders are reminded that they are trespassing with an air gun unless they are paid up insured members. Above insurance arranged by the club

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