Club League 2020/21

BARPC Club League

Back in 2019 we renamed the Summer League as simply the Club League as the event now runs longer than just the summer. The Club League is ran for all BARPC members and offers up either a 40 target FT course or a 40 Target HFT course. A member can elect to shoot either discipline, however once a choice is made that is the discipline the member continues to shoots for all that year. From 2019  the league will be made up from 10 shoots, with the club Bunny Bash being one of the 10 shoots. Generally the shoots follow the CSFTA rules, with the FT targets being placed between 10 and 55 yards and the HFT targets to be placed between 8 and 45 yards. The major difference from CSFTA rules is (as this is a club event aimed at encouraging new shooters to join in) there is NO enforced positional lanes (no standing or kneeling lanes).  For those members who wish to complete and hand in a score card their position (within FT or HFT) is compared to all other shooters within the same discipline and is calculated after 5 shoots have been completed. Each shooter is graded depending upon their best 5 shoots average score into 4 grades which are Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze.

Platinum shooters are those with a best 5 shoots average score greater than 90 %
Gold Shooters are those with a best 5 shoots average of between greater than 75% and less than or equal to 90%
Silver Shooters are those with a best 5 shoots average of between greater than 40% and less than or equal to 75%
Bronze Shooters are those with a best 5 shoots average of less than or equal to 40%

2020 BARPC Club League

Due to COVID-19, on 17th March 2020 all club ranges where closed and the 2020 Club League was unfortunately suspended.  On 17th June 2020 as per Government guidelines, pre reserved, limited size group re-opening of both Walled Garden and Popham became possible.  However social distancing requirements required that the HFT and FT courses at Popham where blended into one loop, utilising knock down/knock up targets (to prevent cross contamination via members pulling of reset strings). The 2020 club league was therefore cancelled.

2021 BARPC Club League

During 2021 we are assuming there will be a continued need to maintain social distancing, continue to run a booking system, maintain sanitizing regimes and also limit group sizes for some time. As such we plan to keep the Popham HFT/FT courses as one large looped course as we did in 2020. In order to overlay a HFT and FT club course on these 20 lanes, the majority of lanes will have 2 targets installed, both of which will be HFT and FT compliant. However their are some lanes with 3 targets installed, on these lanes one target will be both HFT and FT compliant, one target will be FT compliant (ie could be up to 55 yards out) and one target will be HFT compliant (ie could be hidden from normal view). We have again used "surveyors" coloured flags to help indicate which target is which. If there is no flag beside a target it is to be shot by both FT and HFT. If it has a yellow flag next to it it is FT. If there is a blue flag next to it it is HFT.

In order to facilitate both the HFT and FT club leagues, we have split the Popham shoot dates throughout the year. Hopefully this will encourage shooters to have a go at both leagues and shake things up a bit. There are 8 rounds for both HFT and FT and the leagues will be decided on the best of 5 shoots. The plan is on an HFT day the FT shooters (who may not want to give HFT a try) can still shoot the course for fun / practice and vice a versa on FT days.

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