Summer League 2019

2019 BARPC Summer League

The Summer League is ran for all BARPC members and offers up either a 40 target FT course or a 40 Target HFT course. A member can select to shoot either discipline, however once a choice is made that is the "league" the member shoots for all that year. The shoot is made up from 8 shoots, with the scores from the top 6 being used to calculate the shooters final score for the year. The club Bunny Bash will be one of the 8 shoot. Generally the shoots follow the CSFTA rules, with the FT targets being placed between 10 and 55 yards and the HFT targets to be placed between 8 and 45 yards. The major difference from CSFTA rules is as this is a club event aimed at encouragiung new shooters to join in, there is NO enforced positional lanes (no standing or Kneeling lanes).

Current Results After Round 3

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Scores After Round 3 of the Club Summer League

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