Club Shoots and Competitions

The dates for all 2024 Club Shoots are as follows

Club "Competitions" or Shoots ?

The club members can take part in competitive shooting at all 3 ranges we operate at in numerous ways.  A member can simply compete with them selves to improve their shooting, by using some personal scoring system, trying to shoot a smaller group, hitting a smaller target  or some other self created system to measure their improvement against.  The Club also offers regular group shoots which we stage at the various ranges and are very informal club events and of course open to all club members. These shoots often follow regional & national disciplines such as FT, HFT, SFT and 25 yard Benchrest or could be fun ones dreamed up by our members.  The club recognises some members do not want the stress or complexity of being formally "scored", so members always have the option to opt in or out of any formal scoring while still taking part in the group shoot.  Having a fun shoot in a safe and controlled environment is much more important than a score card

Popham Shoots & Club Grading

The Club shoots at Popham are a multi event series of shoots catering for both Field Target, Sporter Field Target, Hunter Field Target and plinking which is held every 2 weeks. While the focus may look to be ONLY HFT, SFT or FT, any day there is "Popham Shoot" any club member is very welcome to  come along and use the Popham range. There is no obligation to participate in the scoring / grading. If not taking part in the grading, members can simply try a few targets or sit and plink the same target for a few hours, bring a chair, shooting sticks, bipods etc. Just enjoy your shoot while following club rules for safety of course. Further details on the current grading system and also historical reports and grades can be found by clicking on the Popham Shoots or the button in the left menu.

Annual Walled Garden Shoots

The Club runs a number of annual shoots at the Walled Garden, which are covered in detail in that section of the web site.  Dates for each of the Walled Garden shoots will be announced on the club forum

EOVH Indoor Competition Shooting

The Club members from EOVH shoot in some of the disciplines of the National Smallbore and Rifle Association (NSRA) shoots at a National Level.

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