Club Shoots and Competitions

Club Competitions

Most of the competitions we stage at the various ranges we have access to are very informal club events, but we occasionally invite guests from other clubs, and once or twice a year we put on a major competition for a really authentic shoot, generally run at our facilities in Popham woods. These events draw shooters from all over the South, from near complete novices to some of the country's best shots. Other clubs reciprocate by having open days and you'll find a hard core of members attending these events throughout the year. All members please note, any day there is "Popham Club League" or any other practice day any club member is welcome and free to use the Popham range. There is no obligation to participate in the league. If not taking part in the competition, remember you can simply try a few targets or sit and plink the same target for a few hours, bring a chair, shooting sticks, bipods etc. Just enjoy your shoot while following club rules for safety of course.

The dates for 2021 club shoots are as follows

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