Club League

Club League

The dates for 2022 Popham Club Shoots are as follows

All members please note, any day there is "Popham Club League" or any other practice day any club member is welcome and free to use the Popham range. There is no obligation to participate in the league. If not taking part in the competition, remember you can simply try a few targets or sit and plink the same target for a few hours, bring a chair, shooting sticks, bipods etc. Just enjoy your shoot while following club rules for safety of course.


Club League Rules - Both FT / HFT Disciplines

  1. All shooters to register prior to shooting on the BARPC forum and be signed into the log book in the hut before shooting
  2. Score card to be marked with the discipline you are shooting.
  3. Once the League has started you will be restricted to shooting that format at all League shoots. Shooters can't 'combine' disciplines.
  4. The courses are to consist of 20 Gates with 2 targets per gate, total 40 targets.
  5. The League to be 10 shoots, with the best 5 to count. (depending on lockdowns and restrictions this can change on a yearly basis, however will be clearly stated on that years scoring webpage)
  6. If ran the scores from the Bunny Bash will count as one round.
  7. FT Targets to be placed between 10 and 55 yards. HFT targets to be placed between 8 and 45 yards
  8. League results will be published on the BARPC Forum and Web page


  1. Shooter and gun to always be within the gate.
  2. There will be no forced standing or kneeling lanes.
  3. Scoring: X for a knockdown; zero for a miss.
  4. Scores to be as a percentage of total possible points, not percentage of highest score on the day.
    Example, one shoot:
    Total possible points: 40
    Shooter scores: 33
    Shooter's percentage: 82.5%
    Cumulative example 6 shoots:
    Total possible points: 240
    Shooter's cumulative scores: 195
    Shooter's cumulative percentage: 81.3%


  1. Normal HFT shooting positions in force, eg., no sitting.
  2. Shooter and gun to always be within the gate. Exception: prone shots where it is acceptable to lay either left or right of the gate, providing the gun is within the gate.
  3. Each lane will have two shooting positions marked by a wooden peg driven into the ground. The Pegs must be placed within 1 metre of the firing line and only the rifle and arms may cross the firing line.
  4. Competitors will take one shot from each peg, with a part of their body touching the peg. There shall be no "impossible" shots.
  5. Bean bags can only be used if/when shooting in a kneeling position.
  6. Scoring: 2 points for a knockdown; 1 point for a face plate; zero for a total miss.
  7. Scores to be as a percentage of total possible points, not percentage of highest score on the day.
    Example, one shoot:
    Total possible points: 80
    Shooter scores: 65.
    Shooter's percentage: 81.3%.
    Cumulative example, 6 shoots:
    Total possible points: 480.
    Shooter's cumulative scores: 405.
    Shooter's cumulative percentage: 84.4%.

Please honor these rules with grace.


Open shoot rules

All club members and visitors must sign in and attend the safety briefing before shooting. By signing in you agree to meet the club conditions of attendance and accept that you have read and understood the BARPC competition and safety rules. These Rules are as generally as CSFTA Rules but allow for specific changes for BARPC open shoots.


Notice is drawn to BARPC RANGE SAFETY RULES.  In addition, each shooter is responsible for their own and their fellow competitors safety. Please ensure you follow ALL safety rules, follow any instructions given by a Marshall and remember that shooting is a safe sport when due respect is given to the gun and the environment in which it is used. Shoot safely and enjoy your visit to BARPC.

  1. Warning to cease fire will be given by a single whistle blast.
  2. On the signal for cease fire all guns will be discharged into the ground immediately in front of the shooter.
  3. Only BARPC members/marshals are permitted to cross the firing line.
  4. On two blasts of the whistle shooting may recommence.
  5. Guns must only be loaded at the firing position. When moving to the next peg the gun must be unloaded. This specifically includes multishots.
  6. Guns to be carried in a gun bag or barrel down only.
  7. There will be no sighting of guns anywhere on the grounds unless at the zero range or the firing point.
  8. ny person infringing safety regulations will be warned or asked to leave the shoot as deemed appropriate. There will be no refunds in the event of safety regulation breaches.
  9. The shoot may use both non-shooting marshals and roving shooting marshals identified by the use of fluorescent jackets.
  10. All shooters will attend a safety briefing at the start of the competition.
    11. Any shooter under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent, or guardian over the age of 21 who accepts responsibility for the junior shooter at all times.

In all issues, the Chief Marshals decision is final.

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