Club Walled Garden Shoots

Club Walled Garden Shoots

The Club shoots a number of fun and competitive shoots at the Walled Garden over the year. These have been ran for many years and are part of the clubs history.  Each of these shoots is recorded on its own page and are accessed via the left side menu.

The dates for 2023 Walled Garden Club Shoots are shown in red below



Notice is drawn to BARPC RANGE SAFETY RULES.  In addition, each shooter is responsible for their own and their fellow competitors safety. Please ensure you follow ALL safety rules, follow any instructions given by a Marshall and remember that shooting is a safe sport when due respect is given to the gun and the environment in which it is used. Shoot safely and enjoy your visit to BARPC.

  1. Warning to cease fire will be given by a single whistle blast.
  2. On the signal for cease fire all guns will be discharged into the ground immediately in front of the shooter.
  3. Only BARPC members/marshals are permitted to cross the firing line.
  4. On two blasts of the whistle shooting may recommence.
  5. Guns must only be loaded at the firing position. When moving to the next peg the gun must be unloaded. This specifically includes multishots.
  6. Guns to be carried in a gun bag or barrel down only.
  7. There will be no sighting of guns anywhere on the grounds unless at the zero range or the firing point.
  8. ny person infringing safety regulations will be warned or asked to leave the shoot as deemed appropriate. There will be no refunds in the event of safety regulation breaches.
  9. The shoot may use both non-shooting marshals and roving shooting marshals identified by the use of fluorescent jackets.
  10. All shooters will attend a safety briefing at the start of the competition.
    11. Any shooter under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent, or guardian over the age of 21 who accepts responsibility for the junior shooter at all times.

In all issues, the Chief Marshals decision is final.

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