Chairman. Derek Peckover

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In September 1975 I arranged for the National Air Rifle & Pistol Association to bring their road show to Basingstoke to help me form an air rifle club. It was well attended and 32 people signed up to start a club. So BARPC was born and my 23 years as secretary began.
We moved premises many times and eventually settled on the East Oakley village hall which we still use today to shoot 10 m rifle and pistol.
During this time we held many major open competitions and when Airgun World held the first outdoor competition we followed up three weeks later with an outdoor Field Target style event at Bramley Army Camp. This attracted around150 entrants. Shortly after this Basingstoke Council offered us the use of the derelict walled garden at Down Grange and we held many more successful events.
In 1980 the Council decided to renovate the Garden so in future we hired Popham woods for our open competitions and again this facility is still used. Fortunately Basingstoke council offered a 25 year lease on the inner section of the garden and I am one of the trustees.
In 1985 I started to market a spring loaded target with over centre trip mechanism under the trade name of Nockover Targets .This became the standard for competitions world wide and was followed by the knock up knock down practice types we all take for granted now.
A club is a collection of like minded people getting together to enjoy their sport. “Ask not what your club can do for you -- ask what you can do for your club” (Apologies JFK)




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