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As a child I was always interested in toy guns – of the cowboy variety! I was the fastest sharp shooting eight year old in South Ham Road.

I got into shooting properly when my Grandfather gave me an air rifle to ward off the rats at the bottom of the garden and after that I was hooked.

I lost interest during my teenage years as like Bob I had a love affair with motorbikes and it wasn’t until I met Eric Dunlop at work and found that we had a common interest in air rifles when chatting during our lunch breaks.

Eric introduced me to the BARPC in about 1982 and there I met Derek and was a member for a few years when we used to shoot at Buckskin Community Hall on Tuesday nights and at the walled garden on Sundays. During this time I used a Feinwerkbau 124 Sport which I later sold to pay for a family holiday.

I left the club for about 25 years due to family commitments and then on holiday with my son in 2006 in Fuerteventura the hotel where we stayed had air rifle and pistol shooting. When we got back from holiday my son suggested that we look to see if the BARPC was still running which it was and we both joined.

Today I use a Daystate Huntsman with a 10x44 fixed MTC scope although have quite a few more in the gun cabinet.

I particularly enjoy my role of coaching the younger members on Sunday mornings and you will find me either sat at one of the benches discussing the merits of the latest purchase or giving advice to new or recent members on the setting up of scopes and other technical issues.

My other interest include photography, cycling and polishing the cardboard cutout of Bob in the clubhouse.

Cheers Bryn




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