Club GDPR Privacy Policy

Basingstoke Air Rifle and Pistol Club

Chairman: Bryn Jones
Club Secretary: Bob Ward
Membership Secretary: Richard Newcombe
Training Officer: Simon Barker
Treasurer: TBD

Basingstoke Air Rifle and Pistol Club (BARPC) GDPR Policy on Data and Privacy and existing members.

As a members club we appreciate that privacy is important both to prospective members wishing to join the club as well as existing members and former members alike. No one likes having their data lost, stolen, damaged, misused or shared without proper consent, so we are doing everything we can to protect you in this matter. We have therefore updated our Privacy Notice to explain how we collect, store and handle your personal data

Why we collect your data

We want to give you the best possible experience with Basingstoke Air Rifle and Pistol Club. The data we hold about you helps us to start the enrolment procedure to join the club, to enable us to maintain member records so that we can for instance, advise when renewal is due and to enable us to update you on club events and competitions and functions/social events.

What data is collected

Age: (for purposes of administering age related membership categories)
Membership type applicable: (Junior, Full, Senior, Family)
Contact details (telephone and email)
Disabilities (for insurance and access purposes)
Section 21 declaration.
No other information is taken

How we collect your data

We do this in a number of ways such as when you sign up on our website, by email or in person.

When we'll share your data

You data will not be shared with any other member other than appropriate and active committee members, our insurers (if requested) and NSRA/BFTA/CSFTA as required for purposes of administering the club and competition events. We do not share your data with any other third parties

Data Retention

If you are applying for membership, you data is held for 12 months after application. This is in case you are unable to make one of the clubs formal induction days so that we can contact you when a space becomes available. As a member your data is held on electronic file for the duration of your membership. If you leave the club, your details are held for a two year period before being deleted. This is in case you wish to re-join within this time period during which you will be exempt from attending another induction course

Know your rights

You have many rights regarding your personal data, including seeing what data we hold and updating your information. To apply for access, please contact the Membership Secretary or Club Secretary. This will be facilitated within fourteen days of application or as soon as reasonably practicable (Please bear in mind that these positions are voluntary and as such, there is no one to easily step in if the authorised member is on holiday or dealing with non-club commitments).

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