25 yard Benchrest Shoots

The club has historically ran a few 25 Yard Outdoor Benchrest shoots over the last years and many members have thoroughly enjoyed chasing that 2mm bull and trying for that perfect score. For 2023 we have decided to run one Sunday morning Benchrest shoot at the walled garden every month and see how interest goes.  This shoot takes part at the 55 yard firing lines so does not affect normal 30 yard Sunday morning shooting. As with all group shoots, members can opt in to shoot only if they wish, even deciding on if they wish to record their scores or just to shoot the targets for fun.


The club decided to adopt a target with the same dimensions as those used by other 25yard Air Rifle shoots in the UK, this was done so that BARPC members can use our shoots as practice for these other events available to them in the UK. We did however simply the "official" target to be only 8 targets and not the normal 25.

As with all club shoots , the most important rule to be followed is that BARPC safety rules are to be adhered to at all times. As we operate from the 55yard firing line we had introduced additional safety procedures, such that normal Sunday morning shooting can continue at the 30yard firing line, unaffected by the benchrest shooting going on at the second firing line


Members can elect to have their cards scored for either for their own self interest or to go into the clubs scoring as we may decide to offer up some award at the end of the year after we see how things have gone

The club has adopted a scoring method close to the UKBR25 scoring methodology. The score is always highest edge counts, so if you clip the higher scoring edge you get that score. To achieve an X the 2mm center circle has to be completely obliterated with no black ink visible. We also score .177 pellets as if they are a .22 pellet, this is achieved by the scorer using a probe.

This probe has a tapered .177 plug which sits neatly in the .177 hole and then has a .22 flange on it which shows the scorer what the hole would have been if it had been .22

The diagram below is a score card with a bunch or red dots representing the .177 pellet hits taking into account use of the scoring probe (ie the red dots are .22 "size").

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